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Our goal is to promote unity, provide equal opportunity to everyone and promote connectivity


Powerful Features

Have Full control of Music

Uchatt music is a Simple, Beautiful, Powerful and Intuitive tool for both artists and music lovers. Hear and enjoy music the way it's meant to be!

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Understand Your Friends Emotions Better!

We use the most powerful tool in the world,that is your voice

Uchatt is the first Social Network in world to introduce Voice Commenting Because we believe your voice is better than text.

Learn Faster, Stay Smart!

Powerful, Simple, Beautiful and Intuitive tool for news! ilyashi only gets what is Important in a news articles using AI (Artificial Intelligence) summarizing it into small interesing article. It's a journalist in your pocket.

We Develop Things We Love

Your Personal Social Asistant

Uchatt Quick suggesion is Powerful, Intuitive AI(Artificial Intelligence) personal vitual asistant to help you manage your social life.

We Love What We Do!

We hope you will love it the way we do